Dalabelos Estate and Slow Food in Greece

Slow food is a global movement which began in Italy during the 80’s – a global movement aiming to create a world where all people can truly enjoy good and healthy food – food that respects the environment and our planet. Slow food comes in contrast with the fast food mentality which rules our contemporary lifestyle. It is all about goodclean and fair food.

We at Dalabelos agritourism complex in Angeliana village Crete, follow and fully support the slow food movement in Greece. All our guests can enjoy their food which during breakfast, launch or dinner time in our restaurant. Almost all vegetables and herbs grow in our farm. Our meet comes from organically fed animals (sheep, lamps, rabbit, chicken).

Each Friday we organize the Slow Food event. Meets is being cooked for over 2 hours in our wooden oven in Dalabelos yard.


Eco- gastronomy in Greece

All our food choices have a major impact on the health of the environment and society – we believe in this interconnection. Food must be appreciated – the way we grow our ingredients has to have respect for nature amd – the way we conume our food has to respect the planet. At Dalabelos, we cook with fresh ingredients, we cook slowly, thoughfully.

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